Gloria's Design - Mockup - Homepage

United Educators — UExchange Intranet Redesign

Gloria was asked by United Educators to further refine and provide her own take on intranet site designs provided by an outside agency. Using the outside agency’s design as a starting point...

ToxForum 2017 Summer Meeting Program

ToxForum 2017 Summer Meeting — Concept Design

Gloria led the creation of a new design concept for the ToxForum Summer Meeting. In the past, the layout and concept heavily relied on the location of the meeting. The new concept was developed...

ToxForum Global Gallery and Annual Meetings Promo Poster

ToxForum Meetings Promotion

  Project: “The Toxicology Forum Meetings Are All About YOU” Promotional Poster and Postcard…

Offworld Trading Company Korean Logos

Offworld Trading Company Logo Concepts

Offworld Trading Company™ (OTC) is the premiere game release from Mohawk Games, a game company founded by acclaimed game designer, Soren Johnson. A logo had already been developed...