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: Logo Design

Client: Rising Up Bakery/Becky Kuk

Rising Up Bakery was a socially-minded bakery startup in Baltimore. They were in operation as a pop-up shop from 2011–2013. They hope to start up again as a full-scale bakery, which would employ individuals transitioning out of homelessness. They are dedicated to using natural ingredients in all its baked goods. As a pop-up shop, Rising Up sold homemade granola and wholesome snacks, which were packed in an eco-conscious manner. They sold at farmers markets throughout Baltimore City.


Gloria was asked to help this new business owner launch her brand with a solid logo and identity. The logo concept — of a phoenix – was developed and inspired by the company’s mission. The name “rising up” is a play on words— juxtaposing the rising of yeast — with the rising of individuals out of homelessness. After the initial logo concepts were presented, the client chose the “phoenix” concept (shown in the final logo). The orange color was chosen to represent the phoenix’s fire, and blue was chosen as its complimentary color.

*Freelance project.

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