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: ToxForum 2017 Summer Meeting — New Concept Design

Client: The Toxicology Forum

The Toxicology Forum (“ToxForum” or “The Forum”) is an international, nonprofit organization that is devoted to conducting open dialogues among various segments of society concerned with problems in toxicology. At ToxForum meetings, views are exchanged among experts from domestic and international government regulatory and health agencies, industry, academia, “political policymakers,” and public interest groups. ToxForum aims to provide a scrupulously balanced approach to the topics and issues presented their meetings, with alternative positions presented for each issue.


Gloria led the creation of a new design concept for the ToxForum Summer Meeting. In the past, the layout and concept heavily relied on the location of the meeting. The new concept was developed based on the Summer Meeting’s theme, “Intersection of Regulatory Policy and Scientific Research” — The intersection and arrow theme was inspired by road maps and the movement of arrows (symbolizing the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C.

The main color chosen was Naval Academy blue. The rest of the colors were inspired by the summer season and the waterfront location of Annapolis.\n\nBased on the new intersection concept, other Summer Meeting components and deliverables were created. The attendance at these meetings have steadily grown since the design refresh.

*Gloria created this project as an employee of AIM, Inc.; ToxForum is one of their clients.

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