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: UExchange Intranet Front-End Redesign (Sharepoint)
May 2016

Client: United Educators 

United Educators (UE) provides liability insurance and risk management services to nearly 1,600 members representing schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. Founded in 1987 as a risk retention group, UE is owned and governed by the educational institutions it insures. UE addresses our members’ unique risks through thoughtful underwriting resulting in tailored coverage. Claims are handled by a mission-driven team that applies a Cool Head, Warm Heart® philosophy to legal matters. Our attorneys and claims analysts give individual attention to each claim recognizing the importance of balancing the claimant’s personal and emotional needs with the institution’s financial needs.


Gloria was asked by United Educators to further refine and provide her own take on intranet site designs provided by an outside agency. Using the outside agency’s design as a starting point, Gloria developed a whole new design concept that was more personalized to the client and took into account user survey feedback.

The client wanted the new intranet site to be modern, clean and user-friendly; they sought to utilize their intranet site to help foster a sense of community online and offline, and a means of internal communication to keep their employees informed.

Gloria’s new design features custom background photography and touches of personalization.

*Created while Gloria was working as a consultant for United Educators/Aquent.

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