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Hi everyone!

I’m delving back into the blogosphere with this new blog. Before sites like Medium came around, for years, I had a Tumblr blog called “Learn.Think.Act.”, which was focused on political and social issues, activism, and frankly, my unfiltered political opinions of a given moment. (By the way, do you remember Tumblr? It seems to have started to go down the path of Live Journal.) But, now there’s Twitter for that (i.e., endless political rantings and musings); microblogs seem to have lost their relevance.

Getting to the Point

From now on, I’ll be shifting gears from writing about politics to one of my first loves, tech. Specifically, I’ll be writing about and reviewing apps and how they can help improve people’s lives. (I think we take for granted that little supercomputer in our pockets called smartphones!)

About the Name

My husband, jokingly, always calls me the “queen of apps” because I am constantly and almost-obsessively trying out new apps to #lifehack my life.

So, again, welcome and stay tuned.

Thank you,